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Cla-Val Fire Protection


Cla-Val fire protection products provide highly accurate and reliable service in the most critical of applications. Known for dependability and superior performance, Cla-Val fire protection products can be found in nearly any type of facility on or off shore, including oil platforms, FPSOs, refineries, power plants, chemical storage facilities, mines, tunnels, aviation facilities, high-rise office and residential buildings, hospitals and historic landmarks.

  • Cla-Val Automatic Breach Control Valves are specifically designed for use in high-rise buildings to prevent catastrophic failure of fire system piping in the event of a line break.
  • Cla-Val’s hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic deluge valves are your best defence against fires at installations with highly flammable materials.
  • Our fire pump pressure relief valves and pump suction control valves are the first choice when seeking optimal control in fire pump applications.

Cla-Val fire products are UL and ULC listed and have Factory Mutual approval along with many other industry approvals and certifications. Our products are suitable for fresh water and seawater service, and are available in a wide range of materials, including exotic materials such as Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Super Duplex Stainless Steel and Titanium.

No matter how challenging your requirements are, Cla-Val has the fire protection product you need to protect lives and property

Basic Valves

basic valveCla-Val Basic or Main Valves are used as the basis for our line of fire protection valves.  There are a variety of configurations available, including:

  • 100G Full Port Deluge
  • 2100G Reduced Port Deluge
  • 100-01KO Hytrol with Anti-Cavitation Trim
  • 100-43 700 Series Tubular Diaphragm
  • 800GS Tubular Diaphragm

Pilot systems are installed on the basic valves to add functions such as pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, pressure relief, pump suction control, level control, foam or water deluge and surge control.

All of Cla-Val’s basic valves are manufactured from the finest materials available in the marketplace.  For special material requirements, valve castings can be poured in our onsite foundries.

The diverse configurations, extensive range of material options and the quality of the finished product makes Cla-Val Fire Protection Valves the most specified valves in the industry.  When protecting life and property, people count on Cla-Val.

Automatic Breach Control Valves

The Cla-Val Model 85-09-1 Automatic Breach Control Valve is designed to automatically isolate portions of distribution piping when a catastrophic downstream breach or line break occurs. The Breach Control Valve is typically installed in commercial building water distribution systems, such as fire protection, potable water service, or chilled water circulation.

Strategically located to isolate damaged portions of a water systems, the Breach Control Valve prevents significant water loss and damage, allowing continued service until piping can be repaired. The Breach Control Valve is especially well-suited for high-rise building sprinkler systems because of their vulnerability to failure should a line break occur in the top floors of a building, where gravity can cause fire water reserves to quickly drain.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Cla-Val Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) are an indispensable part of any fire protection system. The 90 Series PRVs are designed to automatically reduce a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower outlet pressure, regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure. The pilot control utilized in 90 Series Pressure Reducing Valves is very sensitive to slight downstream pressure fluctuations, and will automatically open or close to maintain the desired pressure setting, thus enabling the fire protection system to meet fire flow demand.

Typical applications include fire sprinkler systems in commercial and industrial facilities.

Pressure Relief Valves

relief systemsThe Cla-Val Pressure Relief Valves are designed specifically for fire protection pumping systems and are available in a variety of configurations and end connections.

  • 50 Series Pressure Relief and Pump Suction Control Valves used in conjunction with fire pumping systems to relieve excess pressure, control pump draw or prevent surge, depending on the configuration and pilot controls.
  • The 55L is a direct-acting, spring-loaded relief valve that can be installed in any position in a fire sprinkler piping system to prevent pressure build-up that could damage the pipeline.
  • 750 Series Pressure Relief Valves also are used to relieve excess pressure as well as to maintain constant pressure at the pump discharge.
  • 850 Series Tubular Diaphragm Fire Relief Valves provide fast acting deluge service and are fitted with integral cavitation protection.

Cla-Val pressure relief valves are not only durable and reliable, they are also backed by the more than 75 years of control valve expertise and the customer service in the business.

Hydraulic and Electric Deluge Valves

hydralicCla-Val Hydraulic and Electronic Deluge Valves provide superior performance and durability in the most critical of fire protection applications.  The electric/solenoid-operated Series 134 is an on-off valve that automatically opens upon receiving an electric to the solenoid pilot control to quickly fill fire protection piping.

Cla-Val Deluge Valves are available in a wide range of materials poured in our own onsite foundries for quick delivery. Constructed of the industry’s best quality materials, Cla-Val Deluge Valves meet and exceed applicable industry standards set forth by UL, ULC and FM International.

The 800 Series Tubular Diaphragm Fire Deluge Valve (TDV) is an in-line axial valve constructed of highly durable cast steel with stainless steel tubing and epoxy coating inside and out for maximum service life

Typical applications include:

  • Water cannon for water or foam fire suppression at flammable material storage tanks
  • Water curtain fire extinguishing systems for flammable materials storage tanks
  • Fire sprinkler system piping
  • Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS) for helipads

For use in conjunction with fire monitor systems at flammable material storage facilities

Pneumatic Deluge Valves

pnumaticThe Cla-Val 403 Series Pneumatic Remote Control Deluge Valve is a top quality on-off valve that opens or closes when line pressure is applied or relieved to a small auxiliary valve in the pilot control system. These valves open quickly to start the flow of water or foam for fire suppression and then close drip-tight when fire demand is no longer needed.

Model 414-01 Pneumatic Deluge Valves are supplied with a manual re-set feature to close the valve after it has been operated.

Epoxy coated inside and out for maximum durability, our Pneumatic Deluge Valves are an excellent solution for deluge applications in fire suppression systems.

Altitude and Level Control Valves

Cla-Val Altitude Valves are used for controlling high water levels in fire reserve tanks and reservoirs without the need for floats or other devices. The valve remains fully open until the pre-set shut-off level is reached. This one-way flow valve is a key component in a properly function fire water reserve system. It is available in a variety of configurations and can be furnished with auxiliary controls to meet the need for multiple functions such as pressure sustaining pressure reduction, rate-of-flow control and solenoid override – all in one valve. Cla-Val Altitude Valves can also be provided with a check feature to help prevent return flow.

124 Series Level Control Valves utilizes a float to maintain a constant liquid level in a storage tank. This modulating valve compensates for variations in supply or demand, controlling the flow into or out of a tank by either opening or closing on a rising level. The highly accurate 129 Series Level Control Valve also utilizes a float to maintain a consistent level in large diameter fire water storage tanks and reservoirs by admitting flow into the tank in direct proportion to the flow out of the tank.