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Cla-Val Services



Aveng DFC supports the commissioning of all Cla-Val products on the African continent. During system start up or valve replacement, a CLA-VAL technician can assist you, on-site or by phone if you have your own technicians.

On-site diagnosis/audit

It can be sometimes complex to understand the specific needs of a system. CLA-VAL can attend on site to establish with you the specific requirements for hydraulic data and deliver a sound solution.

Loggers Installation (pressure and flow)

In many cases understanding the system operation is a great benefit, CLA-VAL is able to support systems and users in acquiring Pressure and Flow data through the application of CLA-VAL loggers.

Phone assistance

The first step is often the call to Aveng DFC ClaVal team. Our Technicians will assist you to find a solution to the hydraulic problem.

Hydraulic Calculations

Aveng DFC, in conjunction is able to perform hydraulic calculations including- head loss calculations for system pressure control, cavitation calculations, water hammer and surge calculations.


Precise sizing of Automatic Control Valves is made by The CLA-VAL standard software. CLA-VAL can very quickly provide a sizing review of your valve. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Fix your Surges: KY PIPE Surge Program

Analysis of Surges, unstable flows and water hammer can be vital in system design, Aveng DFC can help you by providing a complete analysis based on KY Pipe Surge software. Easy reporting and live dynamic modeling help understanding the various transient flow situations and deliver appropriate solutions.

On-site or in our company

Training courses on our control valves can be carried out on-site or in the Aveng DFC training facilities.

Personalized training

The training courses can be personalized to suit your needs.

Bench hydrodynamics

Our offices have a pumped training facility allowing training from basic hydraulics to the advanced principals of control valves and system dynamics.

Complete Revision

Aveng DFC is able to offer a complete revision contract which includes the valves and parts inventory, data sheets and a complete maintenance sheet for each valve in which are detailed the operations realized by our technicians.

Service contract

Aveng DFC is able to offer a service contract over 3 years, specifically engineered for the valve. Every regulation valve will be the documented and maintained to an agreed schedule. The regular servicing of valves will ensure reliability and stability of operation.