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High Depth System


Deep sea and high depth dredging: this is the new emerging trend in the dredging market and Dragflow is a world leader in this field with proven projects up to 250 meters of working depth.

  • High depth pump and excavators
  • Umbilical oil hoses line
  • Careful consideration is given to provide the umbilical with the necessary inherent strengths, fatigue resistance and robustness to offer long term service life
  • Oil hoses reels

Deep sea exploration represents a huge technical challenge, where critical hyperbaric conditions, and maintenance needs play an important role on the overall success of a project.  The new products have been completely designed, manufactured and tested by Dragflow’s technicians and engineers that use their consolidated knowhow gained in 25 years of dredge equipment manufacturing, in order to assure the reliability and functionality of the products.