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Power Pack & Boosters


Hydraulic power pack are specially designed for use with Dragflow equipment.  The power packs are based on diesel engines, that complies with latest emission requirements, or electric motors and are built with high quality components. The hydraulic system is based on close loop design therefore maximum oil flow can be controlled without varying diesel engine/electric motor speed.

Every Power Pack can be adapted to better fit customer needs with:

  • Additional oil source to drive ancillary equipment (such as winches or water pumps)
  • Wireless remote controls and advanced control panel for power-pack monitoring from remote locations
  • Operator cabin and sound proof enclosure for more comfort
  • Container style design

All Power Packs are manufactured and tested by Dragflow and are supplied with training and supervision of an experienced technician.

Dragflow heavy duty booster pumps station are designed and built with high efficient Dragflow pumps and can work in a wide range of dredging conditions with minimum risk of cavitation.  Booster station adds extra pressure to the pumping system so the dredge can maintain optimum production at longer pipeline distances.

Boosters are available with either diesel or electric drives and are typically skid mounted for land-based applications but floating booster are also available on demand.

(Technical information available on demand)