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Pinch Valve Sleeves

Valves developed for high pressure superiority


Besides offering spare sleeves for its own products, Atval has, over the years, made pinch valve sleeves to fit all the leading brands available in the world market.  This has evolved out of the shortages of spares for imported products and the need to help valued customers out of difficult situations.  If you have a pinch valve that needs a spare pinch valve sleeve, give us a call, it may be in our portfolio and might be considerably cheaper than the price you are paying for the original product.

Pinch Valve Sleeve Selection




A BLACK with welted parts RED This is a Gun rubber (faced) sleeve with a 6mm internal lining of soft red rubber.  In certain conditions, particularly on abrasive services, this lining will outlast the “B” Grade sleeve -30


B Black Natural rubber specially formulated for abrasion and ozone resistance. -30 80
C Red A specially formulated Natural rubber, free of carbon black Carries approval by the Food Processing Industry -30 70
D Black A general purpose Nitrile rubber, also known as BUNA-N Resistant to oils, hydrocarbon and some chemicals. -20 120
E Black An Ethylene Propylene Polymer (EMDM) having good abrasion resistance.  It is resistant to most chemicals. -30 120
F Black A general purpose Butyl rubber which has good acid resistance. -30 120
T Black A general purpose Neoprene, resistant to oil and moderate chemicals and acids. -30 90