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RF Valves

Advanced technology and inspired design to meet tough conditions


RF Pinch Valves

A brand that is synonymous with quality and performance, RF pinch valves solve your application problems through its patented elastomer sleeve design and commitment to quality materials and construction.

Advanced technology and inspired design to meet tough conditions

Dedicated to customer satisfaction through proven designs, innovation and pinch valve performance. RF Valve uses advanced technology and inspired design to provide the longest sleeve life and meet the most rigorous conditions.

  • Low maintenance
  • Replace tube in line with valve in line
  • Patented no stretch tube folds – relieving stress on the elastomer tube
  • Zero leakage shut-off
  • No scaling or sediment build up
  • A SMART valve monitoring system indication sleeve fatigue
  • Elastomer tubes are available in a wide of wear-resistant elastomers, reinforcing cords add unsurpassed performance under high loads
  • Sizes:DN25 – DN700
  • Pressure Ratings:PN10 ANSI 50, PN25/40 ANSI 300/600
  • Optional sleeves
  • Optional actuation: handwheel, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic
  • Optional accessories: proximity switches, solenoid valve and junction box
  • Optional types of positioners for modulating control
  • Rubbers: Good handling of corrosives, abrasives and powders
  • Body materials: FBE coated ductile iron body