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RPS Lightweight


RC Resized 2

The Vent-O-Mat Series RPS Valve is specially developed as a Lightweight Air Release Valves for the irrigation Market.

The RPS is available in a DN50 mm Double Orifice Valve and DN25 mm and DN15 mm Single Small Orifice Air Release valves.

Double Acting “Anti-Shock” Air Release and Vacuum Break Valve

The DN50 Incorporates the Trade Mark Vent-O-Mat “Anti-Shock” Technology marrying it with the patented diaphragm operated cartridge which allows full discharge through a 32 mm port in both pressurized Air Release and “Anti-Shock” Air Discharge Modes through a and12 mm 3 port.

Single Acting Small Orifice Air Release valve

The DN25 mm and DN15 mm Single Small orifice Valve use the same diaphragm technology to offer the best possible discharge under pressurized discharge conditions.

  • Simple efficient action
  • Reduces water hammer
  • Multifunction versatile product
  • Ensures maximum protection
  • Unique self-cleaning operation
  • UV stabilised
  • Robust lightweight and compact
  • Replaces any existing valves